Solar Panel Installation Services

With more than 500 successful jobs completed, the Chicago Solar Experts are ready to tackle your project. We offer a comprehensive list of services that will help you power your home or business for less. Live greener with a reliable energy source that’s sustainable. What can the Chicago Solar Experts do for you?

Solar Panels for Home Use

Many homeowners are going green with solar panels. The Chicago Solar Experts can help. Our residential services include:

  • Easy online questionnaire that will allow us to provide a free analysis
  • Solar panel consultation that lets us learn about your household needs
  • Share valuable information on tax credits or rebates that you may be eligible to receive
  • Reliable team that arrives on time and gets the job done quickly
  • Experts that are always here to answer your questions and troubleshoot problems

Solar Panel Installation for Small Businesses

Many business-related benefits come with sustainable energy. You can lower operating costs and gain admiration from your local community for joining the green movement. Our small business services include:

  • Consultation to evaluate your current energy costs and possible savings for your business
  • Share information on tax credit opportunities that could reduce income taxes and more
  • One team for everything – we are the only fully-integrated Midwest commercial installer
  • Schedule installation with us and we’ll handle pier pounding, setting panels, and wiring
  • Access to experts who are here to help you find solutions and maintain your system

Solar Energy Solutions for Corporations

Corporations have much higher energy demands. They are often serving hundreds or thousands of customers and need power that is always available. We provide all that with our corporate solar panel services:

  • Consultation to discuss your corporate needs and expectations
  • Financial specialists will evaluate possible savings including rebates and tax credits
  • We can provide a solution that meets almost any commercial or industrial application
  • Share vital data, tools, and methods to help you make decisions before committing
  • Expert solar panel installation that gets the job done on time and to your specifications
  • Marketing department that will help incorporate sustainability into your marketing strategy

Solar Energy for Agricultural Applications

Agricultural businesses have discovered the benefits of solar panels. Our agriculture solar panel services include:

  • Review of your day-to-day needs to come up with solutions that will work
  • Consultation to discuss the process and how it will affect your operation
  • Provide information on Department of Agriculture grants and eligible tax rebates
  • Installation by experts who work quickly to minimize impact on farm and livestock
  • Experts who are available to answer questions and help you maximize solar benefits

Additional Services

We also provide monitoring and non-solar services to supply everything our customers need. Our additional services include:

  • Solar monitoring that allows customers to track energy production and more
  • Radon, gas, and smoke detection service to protect your home
  • Critter Guard installation that prevents animals from accessing utility lines
  • Infrared doorbell installation service for better home security

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